Saturday, June 16, 2007


at 15 i expected that at 23 i'd have a degree, and have passed the bar ... a sporty car and quite a life in my very own apartment coming and going as a i pleased

the reality was a baby that cried alot, married with an older model cutlass supreme, military housing and not alot of cash

i expected that i would have three or four children and a pleasant life as a stay at home mom eventually going back to school living somewhere west in a beautiful home with family vacations with the kids.

the reality was was two children and lots of friends in the west texas town that we settled in. we bought a little home and raised chickens and rabbits and vacation were trips to visit the family.

i expected that we would stay there forever - eventually moving into a place with more space and much more land, living a fairly slow paced life as i tended to the house and the husband and the kids.

the reality was a move to california and three part time jobs and a lifestyle so hectic i barely knew which way forward and which was back.

i expected to stay in california for a couple of years and then move back to somewhere else quiet and peaceful.

the reality was 17 years in california and a life though quite busy included lots of friends a wonderful church and a job at a beautiful college campus.

i expected that once the kids were grown that gerry and i would take more time and go on vacations and do alot of the things we had put off when the kids were little. that we might perhaps downsize but that we would stay close to all our friends and our wonderful church.

the reality is that we have another baby in the house and its not expected that there will be alot of vacations and we are now moved away from so many of our friends and family back to texas in a beautiful house with some space and things are promising to be a bit quieter.

i expect that very few things will be as i expect them.

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