Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I sat beside the hyumyum tree,  all the livelong day
Waiting for my true love to come and carry me away.
I watched as the clouds floated lazily by
And dipped my foot in the stream
But my love did not come so I wandered away
To the land of yesterday's dreams.
And there in the land of what might have been
 I wondered where we had gone wrong
But there was no truth to be found in that place only a sad lonely song.
I laughed out loud then and broke the spell of that melancholy way
And followed the path  to who knew where that lead to a bright new day
I whistled and wandered for a day and a night
Until I came to the bridge of all hope
It seemed to made of the thinnest of boards and held together by rope
 There was another path that led just a ways off to a cave that was called the lonesome's plight
“Which way, which way”  the whippoorwill called,” which way to you would seem right?”
I looked at the bridge which seemed terribly weak and the path which seemed pleasantly safe
How will I choose,  I asked the wise bird, do you think you could give me a clue?
The path to the cave  is indeed quite safe, there is nothing for you to fear
it will take you straight back the way that you came and will lead you nowhere unclear
You know the other name for that cave its merely the cave of regret ….
The thoughts that you think and the things that you see will be only what if’s, if only and yet
But crossing the bridge is treacherous indeed without any promise of gain.
Beyond it however you soon will find that there nothing's the same.
Who knows what you’ll find, who knows who you’ll meet
There may be joys or defeat
So choose wisely, choose well which way you will go 
although the cave may lead you back here to this place
the bridge will not do the same
ll take the bridge I said,  though treacherous I will not go back back
Let us go on our way to a land that’s not grey
To a place that might hold great delight.
Let’s fly through the air,
let us cross the great seas 
if with only a prayer if you please..
Let’s follow the butterflies to a land far away,
Let’s search for the place of new dreams of bright days
For the time has now passed 
for the old plans alas 
But there's much more than old songs and old dreams
Still I’ll press on towards  the great beyond.
I’ll tramp up the mountains and swim in cool ponds
I’ll sing my new song to the day.
And perhaps in some far country
Beneath a dark sky where stars will  twinkle and shine
Another will come who’s song sounds

Something quite similar to mine.
With someone or alone I will not remain in the shadow of the cave of regret
Adventure awaits and I will escape to a place far beyond  a shadow of what might have been.

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