Monday, October 24, 2011

from a random prompt - something wrapped

Something wrapped sits on my doorstep. Where it has come from I’m not quite sure. I didn’t hear a delivery truck pull in. Surely if it had the dogs would have started their barking and yapping, but no not a peep. And it certainly wasn’t there this morning when Devon had left for the office and the girls had dashed for the bus. I peeked again through the side window. Still there, 2 feet square wrapped in red and white polka dot paper with a black and white bow affixed to the top.
Silly really, I should just go and open the door and pick up the box. Perhaps it’s not for me at all but mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. Or maybe it is for me, something special to celebrate this Monday. There is a bit of anxious wrapped all around it and just a smidge of fear and yes some excitement. I start to walk to the door but the phone rings and I run to answer it.
I’ve been so distracted these days. You would think the box would have kept my attention but no. There was the phone and then emails, and it was only when I was making some lunch that I remembered and went again to the door.
Pausing for a moment, “this could change everything,” some little voice whispered in my head. But practicality pushed the thought aside. What could possibly be in a box that size that could really have much of an affect on anything?
I bent down to pick it up surprised at the weight and carried it to the table. My name was written in calligraphy on the tag. Open me, printed in box letters on the other side. Feeling a bit like Alice through the looking glass I begin to open the box slowly and suddenly a door in the floor of my life opens and I found myself falling, falling, falling down the white rabbit’s hole.

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