Tuesday, November 16, 2010


"Can you walk on water?" I shook my head. "You're sure?" I rolled my eyes. We had been over this how many times? Besides there was nothing that looked even remotely close to water. I was standing knee deep in a quagmire of quicksand, and sinking further with every passing moment. My only obvious way of escape was a rope, tied to a tree, well beyond my reach.
"Well how do you propose to get yourself out this time?" The voice in my head was getting more than a little annoying at this point.
"I've no idea, as far as I can tell this is about to be my demise." I stated flatly and outloud if only to drown out the voice in my head.
"I think you may be being a bit overdramatic at this point don't you? We've been in much worse situations then this in the past." I knew the voice was right but at this point in time it didn't really seem to matter. This felt worse only because it was at the moment, bad - really, really bad. "Are you willing to let me handle it?" The voice asked surprisingly quietly at the point.
"Sure, go ahead, I've no answers so I leave it in your good hands." I said sounding a bit more sarcastic then necessary.
"Thank you." the voice replied. I felt two strong hands reach under my armpits and yank me out with one swift pull.
"Thank you," I reponded gratefully.
"You could have done that sooner." I said abit acusingly. As usual there was no reposnse from the voice.

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