Friday, August 13, 2010

Off to Swaziland

“You can’t be serious,” he’d said. But of course she was.
“Come with me. We could do this together.” She had said. Hoping he would agree but certain he would not.
“I have a job, responsibilities. I can’t go rushing off to save the world.” He tried to make it seem logical. She had smiled and kissed him and continued packing her bag. “How will you live? Its not like you have a job waiting for you there. And what about your job here?”
“I quit this afternoon and on the paycheck I received today I could live for almost 4 years there. They are dying there. I need to go.” She smiled at him. “My plane leaves at 6 tomorrow morning. Let’s go get something delicious for dinner.”
Dinner was a quiet affair. He lookedshell shocked. She was giddy like a school girl headed for a grand adventure. He did not want to hear any of things she had wanted to tell him and finally she had given up.
The ride home she spent on her cell calling her friends and then finally her mother, who had also tried to talk her out of it. He had tried one last time before he’d gone to bed- alone.
“Please, if you go you could get killed.” He had said trying to cause her to think for just a moment.
“If I miss this, play it safe, don’t do something I may as well be dead or a ghost or I don’t know.” She had said finally.
In the morning there was a note for him. Off to Swaziland, if you change your mind I’ll be there.

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