Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rescue Me

Can you hear me calling? I need your help, I can not get to the river without you. You know the way, I know you do. Won’t you help me to get there? You know the way. I know you do. Don’t turn away; don’t leave me here, please. Rescue me!

I hear the river flowing but I am trapped in this cave and can not get out. It is dark and damp in here and I am so alone. Somewhere in here comes the sound of rustling and I sense danger is near. I am scared and lonely. Rescue me!

I wander the paths in this forest finding myself more and more lost. The river is near but every way I turn seems to lead me further away. I fall again and over rocks and roots, the smallest things tripping me up. The bugs tormenting me. I am bruised and dirty. Rescue me!

I climbed the side of this cliff to get a better view of where the river was but there seems to be no where to put my hands and feet. I’m halfway up and halfway down and although I can see the flowing waters, I am barely hanging on. Rescue me!

I am so close I can almost taste the fresh water here. The river is in plain sight, just beyond my reach, but I am stuck thigh deep in the mud and the muck. The things I’ve carried this far weighing me down further. Rescue me!

We are trapped. We are alone. We are afraid. We are bruised. We are dirty. We are barely hanging on. We are mired in the mud and the muck, weighed down by all our burdens, longing for the life giving, life sustaining, life cleansing, and life healing waters that flow in the river. Rescue us!

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