Thursday, May 13, 2010

In View

What if we could live life backwards, like Merlin did? We could see the beauty before the ashes, the joy before the pain, the sweet that came from the bitter. All the brokenness of our lives lived after the glory. Would we experience it differently having seen the tapestry complete and not just loose threads in a jumble beside the loom? I hold in my hand a brown paper shell, inside sleeps what once was a caterpillar. I know that in time, a wet ugly creature will struggle to force its way out. I have seen that as life begins to flow into its flat limbs they will arise into wings of such amazing beauty only an amazing Creator God could have made it. Ex nihilo He created it all and I wonder if He created it backwards, seeing the beauty first. I wonder as He created the bush in the desert amid the dust and the wind, did He see it full of His glory, ablaze with His presence? Do you suppose He sees every bush that way, ablaze with His presence? Is there a moment in time when each one, in its time, becomes so? Distraught and distressed we cry out, our anxious days and sleepless night already seen complete in what will become ablaze with His presence. Is it any wonder then that He whispers to us, “Do not fear”? He has seen the amazing beauty never before imagined that will arise from the broken and the wounded. It was in plain sight when He created you.

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