Friday, April 30, 2010

working hard

I've been working hard on my "secret project" so I thought I'd share another one of my favorites - well its the bones of one of my favorites I've tweaked it a bit.

All the signs point north, so we steadfastly trod south. We step off the path that is clearly marked, tear through the brambles and trip over fallen logs. TURN BACK! NO TRAIL! Wondering why we can’t find our way in the desert, over the mountain and through the forests. The lights are all flashing red but we proceed without caution and are surprised when we end up broken and damaged. CAUTION! NO CROSSING! We fight our way into caves and doors barred from our entry, sneaking through broken windows, making our way into other dark places knowing that it will surely lead to our own demise, wanting what we want, choosing what is certain to bring hurt and pain. ONE WAY! DO NOT ENTER! Yet we press on crossing where we shouldn’t, entering where we mustn’t, always going the wrong way. Running faster and faster towards the very thing we should be running from. DANGER! BRIDGE OUT! We go crashing over cliffs and wonder why all these bad things are happening to us. Sirens blaring all around us, warning us to turn back. DEAD END! NO OUTLET! STOP! We go careening down blind alleyways, slamming through barriers set there only to protect us. It's amazing that we find any place to rest at all, as we continue to go completely in the wrong direction.

I wonder if it is because of His grace and mercy that God has made the world round. So that perhaps, eventually, stumbling along blindly, or out of rebellion, or sheer stubbornness, going in the completely opposite way that was planned for us to go, we will finally end up where we should have been, where we could have been, where we need to be. Seeing in the distance that place we have been longing for all along, where the candle is still burning in the window waiting for our return... Home.

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