Saturday, April 17, 2010

A prompt from Neil Gaiman's reading of Instructions:"And then go home"

Today's prompt was from here. I love to hear Neil Gaiman read. It always makes me want to write, although I always write with an English accent going on in my head after I've listened to him read.

And then go home,” The words rattled around in her head. She had been given very specific instructions. Bring the box to Dr. Whiteman’s office and leave it with the nurse. Go down to the bank on the corner of Elm and Sycamore and give the man at the new accounts desk the envelope. Stop at the grocers and pick up a cabbage and some sausages and then go home.
But Adelaide did not go home. She meant to, of course she meant to, but then she saw something shiny in Baxter’s field and so she’d climbed through the fence to see what it was. She ran up to where she had seen something sparkling in the sun and found a half dollar. She couldn’t believe her luck. She bent low to pick it up and then suddenly sensed that she was being watched. She whirled around only to find herself standing no more than 20 feet from a very large brown bull. She knew that it was about to run her down and turned around again as quickly as she had before and headed for the lone tree. The bull was gaining on her she could feel the ground shaking beneath her and smell his breath. Just at the last moment she raced around the tree and was up and out of its reach.
The bull had been eyeing the tree warily as it chewed on the grass around it for nearly an hour now, just biding its time until she would try to make her way down. She sat on the branch watching the little road that ran along Baxter’s field hoping someone, anyone would be wandering by so they could help her.
“And then go home,” She sighed heavily, just once, just one time perhaps it would be a good idea to follow the instructions given to her.

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