Wednesday, February 3, 2010

they'd been found out

She’d found him out, down by the large oak tree that had been there since before his grandfather had been born, picking up acorns and humming. She’d slipped from trees to tree trying not to make much noise in the autumn leaves. She thought she’d managed to sneak up on him unawares but he had seen her walk out the back door and the sly smile she had seen playing across his lips was the amusement he had found in watching her make her way to him.
He’d found her out, planting row upon row of sweet peas, which they had both mistakenly assumed were some kind of vegetable but certainly brightened up the garden considerably. It had been all frilly leaves from the carrots, and soft greens from the butter lettuce and of course the sweet peas.
She’d found him out behind the barn, tears streaming down his face after she’d lost the baby. No words that could comfort either of them It would be very unlikely that she would be able to conceive againor so they had been told, and so through the bitterness and anger he had tried to be strong for her when, in all sincerity what she had needed all along was for him to be weak with her.
He’d found them out near the back pasture chasing butterflies and making daisy chains and he knew that there would be many more of these fun filled days because the doctors had been wrong. They'd found out one damp chilly morning when after three days of throwing up he'd taken her in to the hospital worried that there was something seriously wrong and the nurse had had a good laugh at the drama wrapped around a little morning sickness.

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