Wednesday, November 12, 2008

not as consistent as I'd like to be but here's one for today

She could smell a hint of cinnamon in the air as she stood gazing up at the sky. The wind rustling through the trees made the silk move softly against her skin. Oh to live in a place like this forever, where possibility was everywhere. Where today was not confined by the mistakes of yesterday, or held captive by the demands of tomorrow. To just be, to just remain in a place of complete peace and contentment, but she let those thoughts go so they would not spoil this moment.
She moved softly along the path. Barefooted she could feel the warmth of the ground. In the distance she heard the calling of peacocks, and various other birds. Coming to the garden she could smell the jasmine and the honeysuckle and the fragrance of the traditional roses. There were dahlias and lilies as well. The air was alive with butterflies. She made her way through to the furthest part of the garden where she came upon a fork in the road. Looking east she saw that the path would lead to a lovely gazebo overlooking the well manicured lawns. Looking west was the more inviting way. She could see the arbor and beyond shade of the tall trees.
She made her decision and walked onwards toward the trees that seemed to be urging her forward. The path widened as she went and in the distance she could her the low roar of the river. She glanced behind her to see if anyone was following her but they were unaware of her escape. Could this be really happening or was it only a dream?
“Lovely, isn’t it?” He smiled at her. Coming closer, softly, gently he said, “Come with me. Hop on this elephant and we can go away from here.”

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