Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hurray its November!!! Time for Your Message!!

I participated last year and had the most wonderful time (not to mention it all leading to my fabulous trip to london!!!)

To see today's prompt and read some of the others go here:

Here's mine:

The danger was there, real not imagined. She had been swimming since she was kneehigh to a tadpole. She’d heard tales about them but there was never any sign that the dangerous manfish lurked in these waters. Truth be told, as a young girl the manfish stories had seemed even less real than those of the mermaids, and sea monsters, but leaving childish things behind the story of the manfish grew more real.
She sat on the shore watching the waves rolling in. It was the summer of her 17th year. She had come almost every single day to play on the beach with her girlfriends. Together they would wander down the beach in a pack laughing a bit too loudly as they neared the boys playing beach volleyball. Pretending to be indifferent to the catcalls from the surfer dudes that they passed.
She believed she might still be resistant to the manfish, none of the other girls in her group had succumbed. Of course, not one of them had entered the water, not all summer. Oh sure, they had walked along the edge, even wandered in up to their knees but no further. Pretending they were disinterested in getting wet. But today was different. It was 102 in the shade, too hot to sit and bake on the sand.
Making her way down to the water, glancing up and down seeing nothing but the children playing on their boogie boards, older men and women bobbing up and down in the water and the surfers off in the distance, she felt she was safe enough and ran on in.
She dove below a rising wave and came up on the otherside. He was there of course, looking harmless but she knew he was about to drag her into dangerous waters.

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