Monday, November 3, 2008

day three

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Hanging in her closet was the most amazingly beautiful red dress. She had shopped for weeks to find it. She had determined that she would wear only red to the wedding. It would show off the auburn lights in her hair.
She had hunted for the right jewelry. Diamond earrings hanging against the place on her neck that he had loved to kiss. A necklace that fell just between her breasts.
Finally the shoes, beautiful red stilettos, she loved those shoes. She knew that by the end of the evening she’d be suffering but it would all be worth it.
It would most certainly be worth it if he would look at her and see that she was completely put together. That she had gotten over him and had moved on with her life. She didn’t want there to be any doubt in his mind. She didn’t need him and she didn’t want him to think that she lay awake night after night missing his touch, longing for the sound of his voice in her ears. Surely he would see that she was completely recovered and didn’t spend every gray afternoon walking about the apartment in one of his old sweaters pretending he would appear at any moment.
She’d spent hours on her makeup and hair. The dress fit perfectly. The jewelry was perfect. All she needed was the shoes. She reached into the bag but there was only one. Where could the other one be? She frantically searched the apartment. Thinking back she vaguely recalled losing her balance on the train, she hadn’t been aware of the shoe falling out of her shopping bag. In the end she hung up the dress, put away the jewelry and spent the evening roaming the apartment in on of his old sweaters.

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