Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah's prompt: White Rabbits

Easter comes and with it all the baby chicks, ducklings and white baby bunnies. But of course Easter goes and the baby chicks turn into ugly scraggly not quite yet chickens, the ducklings become loud, smelly and annoying and the cute little bunnies turn into white rabbits that get into Mother’s garden and eat the early lettuce.
I remember chasing them about, my brother and sister laughing until their sides ached and they could no longer stand, so they would fall to the ground giggling. . All the while Mother was yelling “Catch it, Robert! Catch it!” But I couldn’t because the white rabbits were too quick. We would all go indoors then for some sandwiches, without lettuce, of course. Delicious sandwiches with hot, fresh bread, and thinly sliced luncheon meat, hefty pieces of cheese and tall glasses of milk. I miss those days.
I miss who we were then, young and innocent. Mother, always laughing and smiling with us. The little house at the edge of Collier Valley always warm and welcoming. We didn’t know than that life could be hard. We didn’t know that the days would be long.
We just lived and loved and laughed while chasing white rabbits.

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