Thursday, October 2, 2008

The reunion

“Hurry! Hurry! We’re going to be late! I told you this was going to happen. Hurry!” He’s got his coat on, looking at his watch. “Are you ready?”
“I’m coming as fast as I can.” She walks into the room, one shoe in her hand. “Do you think I look okay in this sweater or should I wear the red one?”
He shakes his head, “This one is just fine. We really don’t have time, hurry.”
“Just fine? That’s it just fine, I should probably wear the red one then. I don’t want to look just fine. I want to look beautiful, sexy, fabulous.” She walks back into the bedroom.
He tries to calm himself. He follows her into the bedroom. “You look beautiful, sexy, fabulous no matter what you are wearing or not wearing.” He notes the pile of clothes on the bed and on the floor. “I don’t know why you are making such a fuss about this.”
She comes out of the closet in her panties and her bra, no longer wearing either the sweater nor the skirt that she had on previously. “How about this one?” She holds up a pale blue sweater.
“That one would be fabulous dear.” He picks up a pair of black slacks from the floor, deliberately calming himself. “I think you should wear it with these pants.” He glances at his watch casually but she catches the look.
“Why are you rushing me? Don’t you want me to look beautiful? Are you in such a hurry to get to see all those girls again?” There is an edge of panic in her voice.
“They are not girls, they are grown women. After 20 years they are probably fat and ugly, but no matter, even if they looked like they did when I was in high school, you would outshine them all” He kisses her, slowly, softly, then a little more passionately. “We don’t have to go, we could stay here.” She laughs then.
“No, I’ll be right out. I would hate for you to miss the reunion.” She pushes him away.
He walks out of the room. A few minutes later he calls to her from the front door. “Are you ready? Can you please hurry! We’re going to be late!”

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