Monday, September 8, 2008


Autumn is near. I can sense it. Not quite but almost, though the days are still sunny and hot, its there. I am anticipating the morning that I will awaken to find the sharp crisp something in the air telling me that fall has arrived. There will be the scent of something almost magical that brings to mind high school football games, long nights in front of a bonfire and strolling through the fallen leaves hearing them crackle beneath my feet.
The trees will be ablaze with reds, yellows and oranges, of every shade and they will float gently down, dancing in the breeze, to land amidst their brothers making a patchwork carpet on the lawn. The ground will be covered with acorns and walnuts, the birds can be heard fighting over them in the backyard. The water in the streams will become cold and fresh and sparkle in the late afternoon sunlight .
Amidst it all are the memories of long ago romances, hands held, kisses under the trees and the promises of a future full of all things wonderful.
Soon it will all fade to winter, cold rains, bitter winds and greys, blacks and whites all around but for now there is hope and promise that the heart remembers and longs for once again.


Sarah Salway said...

Gina, have been listening to the news about hurricane ike heading towards Texas and thinking of you so this beautiful piece about the weather is bittersweet. Hope all is OK, xx

trying to write ... said...

We should be fine. Its a grey rainy morning but the storm hasn't really gotten here yet. We'll see what happens. Thanks for your thoughts. xoxo g