Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chase Your Dreams Again

Get up!
Can’t you hear it?
Far off in the distance, yet near to your heart
Rise up and rush to the mountain where the river flows!
The winter rains have begun but the sun still shines on the mountain.
He’s kept the light burning in the window,
Night after night
Hoping for your return
He keeps walking to the edge of the valley calling you home.
Come back to the place of endless possibilities.
Choose to come back!
There is a place for you here.
You have been sorely missed.
Come back to the place your heart has yearned for
Even in your wanderings,
Though there was pleasure in that far away place.
Your dreams are here.
What you were made for is here,
Go beyond the fence,
Past the forest,
Beyond the desert place
There are endless possibilities of what can be
Today and yes even for someday.
Arise and return.


Pat Patterson said...

Ok can I come too. This is very wonderful. I use to live in Cody, so picture and your submition was a blessing,
Pat Patterson

trying to write ... said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming along. Your kind words are very much appreciated.