Sunday, July 6, 2008

Prompt from Twitterlit:I loved him in that first moment.

I loved him in that first moment. I didn’t know his name but as he pushed the lawn mower across Mrs. Martin’s front lawn I loved him. Oh sure, I know what you’re thinking, how could I have? I don’t know but I loved him.
I sat at my bedroom window every Tuesday afternoon and watched him cut her grass all summer long. He wouldn’t have seen me if I had been standing right in front of him. He was a junior at Michelson High School and I was a silly 7th grader at John Raymond Middle School.
Four years later he was home from college and I was working at the tennis courts. He came everyday to practice with his friends. They barely acknowledged me but he always smiled, and looked at me when he was talking to me. Nothing of any great importance of course just weather talk but still it made my heart flutter a bit
It was the summer after graduation that we finally met, officially at a block party just down the street. He sat down next to me on the front steps and drank his pop. As we started to share a little about ourselves he told me he was going into the Air Force as an officer at the end of the summer. I was going to Texas A & M that fall. Funny coincidence that we would both be in Texas since we were living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the time.
I saw him again two weeks later at the lake just before the fireworks on Fourth of July. He came over and sat down on the hood of my car. The girls I was with made swooning faces behind his back and I could barely contain myself. That when he asked me if I would like to catch a movie or something.

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