Monday, June 16, 2008

Sarah's prompt: Come away with me

“Come away with me.” Eyes pleading, hands outstretched, “let’s just go.” But now is not the time, they both know it and despite the hope for something else they stay, doing what they must.
“Come away with me.” Soft whispers in a quiet place, “let’s just go.” But the baby needs changing and the dishes need doing and there’s always one more thing that has to be done. So they both sigh a little and remain, waiting for another time, another place.
“Come away with me.” She whispers into the phone. “Let’s just go.” The day to day is wearing and the responsibilities overwhelming. She’s tired and pressured and lonely without him. But it’s not really an option so after gentle words, tears and chocolate she continues on.
“Come away with me.” He says drawing her closer. “Let’s just go.” Kissing her, stirring up desires simmering just below the surface, and for a brief moment it’s almost plausible. But the truth is that its impossible to leave where they are at and so they linger in a place just beyond the edges for a moment and then go back to the middle of their otherwise ordinary lives.
But every night as they drift off to sleep, in that place between wakefulness and dreaming they reach, and touch and whisper. “Come away with me. Let’s just go.” And then they do.

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Kathryn said...

Hi Gina - what a lovely, rhythmic piece! x