Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sarah's prompt: he has one tarot card under his pillow

He has one tarot card under his pillow, bent, wrinkled and worn. It’s been there for almost three years. Every night as he lies down to sleep his hand slides under the pillow to caress it. He runs his fingers back and forth over the queen of hearts. Superstitious – maybe, but he believes it’s more of a sign of his future love. He knows who she is, and he believes their love is just waiting for someday, somewhere.
He closes his eyes and thinks of the night he got the card. It was late spring; there was a teasing of the heat that summer would bring in the air that night. He hadn’t planned on going to the fair but his buddies talked him into it. They had split a six pack in the truck then headed in. Of course the place was packed, it was a Friday night and there were people everywhere. He saw her almost the moment he walked thru the gate. Long black hair, and sparkling green eyes, a white t-shirt and flirty red cotton skirt, her lips were just as red as the skirt and he could see that she laughed easily.
All night long their paths’ kept crossing but they never got close enough to speak. Then the guys decided to see what the fortune teller had to say. Vagaries abounded until she turned to him and said “Tonight you’ve seen your one true love.” Of course boys will be boys and they teased him incessantly the rest of the night, pointing to every gangly 12 year old girl or old woman in the park. But as they were leaving the fair there she was again, the beautiful green eyed, gypsy looking girl.
She had been with a group of girls all night but as they passed the girls, she separated herself from the crowd and walked over to him. She bent down beside him, and as she stood up, so close he could smell the sweet scent of her perfume, she whispered, “I think you dropped this,” and handed him the queen of hearts.

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