Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prompt from Twitterlit: "Small waves, one after the other, lap the shore."

“How can I make you believe me?” he asked. “I’ve told you 100 times but you still don’t seem to understand. This time its different I promise.”
She looked at him skeptically then turned her eyes back to the ocean. Small waves, one after the other, lap the shore. Its not that she didn’t want to believe him, God knows she did but there had been so many other times and they hadn’t been different, it had always ended the same way.
“Come and walk with me,” he said. She got up dusting the sand off the back of her legs. They started to walk down the beach, just along the wet sand but not in the surf. She didn’t trust him still and so she kept a slight distance so he would understand.
It was a perfect beach day, not so blistering hot that you didn’t want to even be near the sand that would burn your feet, not foggy and cool making you wished you’d stayed on the other side of the hill. As they walked, children ran up and down the shore laughing and shouting in the water. They saw dolphin in the distance and pelicans looking like old sea captains bobbing along in the water. She began to relax as they talked and she found herself laughing and letting down her guard a little at a time.
She still didn’t know if she could trust him but she moved closer. They stopped and watched some surfers further out and then of course the body surfers with more body than there was surf and so they would come crashing into the shoreline. As they walked further down the shore she heard a shout from behind her and she turned. It was some friends from the college. That was when it happened. He scooped her up and ran laughing into the surf.
“I knew I couldn’t trust you, “She sputtered as her head came up out of the water and she splashed him. He laughed at her.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself,” He laughed again. “You’re so beautiful with your eyes flashing and I love the salty kisses from your lips.” Then he bent and kissed her and he knew he was forgiven when she kissed him back.

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PlanoJohn said...

I do miss the beach sometimes...