Monday, May 5, 2008


I find myself in a barren place
Beyond the northern lake
Beyond the crested knoll
A place of broken rock and shattered trees
Rising towards the eagles crags
I wander aimlessly at first and then in search of well worn paths
That might lead me out of this brokenness
To another place of safety.
The wind howls and whistles as it finds its way through the rocks
Into places where darkness dwells.
I shiver against the bitter cold and stumble towards what seems to be a place to rest
But find instead a broken ledge, a precipice above a gorge with blackened trees that seem to reach my way.
“Come back, come back,” I hear a call but wander further still.
I stumble then upon the rocks, now with broken bleeding flesh and then the call again
“Come back, return to safety’s place, to warmth and shelter from the storm.”
Lightening flashes across the sky, as dark clouds descend and thunder rumbles down the mountainside.
I search for shelter from the storm but there is none in this place, no peace, no warmth no resting spot.
Looking down into the valley I see the light, knowing what can be found there,
But I can not return
Despite the warmth and shelter there was pain without understanding
So I chose to walk this path knowing the pain that will be here
Rather than rest in safety only to discover unexplained, unexpected, unendurable pain again.

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