Friday, March 7, 2008

Sarah's prompt: what are you waiting for?

Eyes closed, holding my breath.
“What are you waiting for? Blow out the candles.” I open my eyes; a candle flickering in the dark, the wax is starting to drip. One wish now, one wish when I cut the cake. Okay, I’m ready… wait, okay, here goes.
“What did you wish?” Laughter from across the room.
“She wishes her boss would get another job and start driving someone else crazy!”
“I know. She wants the new mustang convertible totally decked out.”
“A week in the bahama’s”
“A good nights sleep.”
“Are you going to cut the cake?”
Eyes closed, holding my breath. Okay, I’m ready.
Later on everyone leaving and I look up and see one shining star. Three wishes in one night what a lucky girl. Eyes closed, holding my breath.
Fast forward, day, weeks, months, years later. Lying under a pale moonlit sky, beside tropical warm waters alone with you.
“Remember that night so long ago, this is what I wished for. I’ve been waiting for it all my life.”

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