Monday, March 3, 2008

Prompt from Twitterlit: "The price of wishes had officially gone up."

“Well how much then?” I asked.
The old man just shook his head. “You wouldn’t believe it. But it seems that because of the shortage and all, well you know, it’s practically tripled in the last two months alone.”
I sat down heavily in the wooden chair next to him. Adding up what I thought I had in my purse. I was certain I wouldn’t have enough. It had been almost 14 years since I’d been to see him the last time and although I thought I had accounted for the increase in the economy I wasn’t sure I would come close to what I needed.
He looked down at me for a moment and then his face brightened. “I remember you. It’s been forever since you were here the last time. You were the one with the odd request.”
“Odd request?” I asked in a somewhat haughty tone.
“Well you have to admit not everyone comes in here to buy one shining star.” He said. He did remember. He smiled at me again. “So, how did that work out for you anyway?”
“It worked out well.” I replied. “But really I do need another wish and I was wondering if you took credit?”
“Nope, can’t take credit. People are always coming in here saying that want this or that or the other and then changing their minds after they’ve gotten it. Then they don’t want to pay. We’re a cash only business deary.” He pulled out his writing pad. “So what’ll it be this time?”
“Well, I know it sounds silly but I’d like another please.” I said rather quietly.
“Another? Another what?”
“I’d like another shining star. I need it very desperately for the third of June.”
He rubbed his chin, flipped the calendar open. “I don’t know, it will certainly cost you. Let me see,” He opened a cabinet behind him and took out an old grey binder. “It looks like it will be about $2,000 for it.”
“What? It was only $120 last time.” I said in a rather loud and exasperated tone.
“Yes, well it was a long time ago, wasn’t it?” I sighed and he looked at me. “So what do you want this one for?”
I started to cry. “I need to remind him of the last time. I think he’s found another and I need to remind him of what we meant to each other. I need it to be that one shining star.”
“Alright my love, what have you got?”
Wiping my hand across my cheek, “I’ve $820,” I answered.
“Ok we’ll do it, $820, and a kiss on the old man’s cheek.” I handed him my cash and leaned over to give him a quick peck.
“Thank you,” I whispered.
“Good luck my dear,” He said as I slipped out the door.


Debra Hamel said...

I love this! Thanks for using TwitterLit in such a great way!

-- Debra (of TwitterLit)

PlanoJohn said...

UGH!!!! did it cant stop there....there are so many questions and possible adventures to be had with this story....<3

no wonder they're reading you in Oxford. ;)

Bobby said...

here's my iowa visitor's heart on your map. thanks for viewing the project. write. write. write.