Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sarah's prompt These are the things women know about love.

The first time they met, she was all sweetness and playfulness. Touching him often and encouraging him to touch her. She had made him laugh and at one point it became apparent to him that she was wooing him. It wasn't long before he knew that she was the one that he wanted to be with.
When he first brought her to his apartment however, she was aloof and nervous. She went from the chair to the couch and back again. She looked out the window and although he tried to engage her in conversation she feigned disinterest and suddenly became quite absorbed in a magazine lying on the coffee table. After he had given her some space she seemed to come around a bit but she was careful how she sat, careful how she moved, a bit finicky with her food. After dinner she had gone down the hall presumedly to the rest room but when she hadn't reappeared, after 15 minutes, he went to investigate and found her asleep on his bed. He lay down on the otherside and just watched her and occasionally he would touch her ever so lightly. eventually he fell asleep as well. He awoke several hours later and found she had moved over, and was now sleeping against him with her head on his chest. He smiled as he listened to her breathe and then he fell back to sleep.
It took a little while to overcome the awkwardness of first being together but with gentleness and patience on his part she began to open up to him. She began to make herself more comfortable in his space. She had her favorite place to sit. She loved the chair near thw window where the afternoon sun shone through the leaves. He often found her in the kitchen busying herself with this or that. She began to smile more, she became more affectionate, touching him more, on the couch she would lie against him. Soon enough their shared living arrangements became quite homey and happy.
For the life of him however, he couldn’t understand her moods. Even after they had been living together for several weeks, he never knew how she would be when he came home. For no apparent reason she would scold him when he came in. Some days she barely spoke to him when he got home and then suddenly for no apparent reason she was fine. Other days she was so playful he couldn’t do anything but focus on her. One evening she made herself so comfortable laying with him on the recliner that he called the guys to say he would be missing their Thursday night basketball game.
She knew then that he was in love with her. After that she owned the place. She was the queen in her castle and as he stroked her she would purr softly absolutely content knowing that she was his one true love.

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