Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sarah's prompt: After midnight

After midnight, when the moon is high, and the air is still, she slips silently from her bedroom. Light as air in her white cotton and lace night gown she runs across the lawn, until she comes to the edge of the lake. In the silence and the stillness she waits patiently, quietly, her breath and the beating of her heart are all that she can here.
She waits, crouching by the edge of the water hidden by the tall marsh grass, fearful that someone might see her, but of course everyone is asleep. She does not doubt that he will come. She waits until finally he appears from the trees at the edge of the arbor. He makes his way towards her. Not wanting to rush too quickly to her side though he longs to be with her but he knows, as she knows, that once he is there and they have done what they have come here to do he must return to the trees, as she must return to the manor.
She shivers not from the cold but in anticipation. Soon, so very soon., then he is there and she is in his arms. He kisses her a single tender, loving kiss and she kisses him back and they hold each other close.
“How much longer?” She asks.
“200 more single moonlit kisses, given after midnight, before the spell can be broken,” He whispers. “200 more.”
“Then 200 more it will be and then we will be together, day and night. I will see you tomorrow my love, after midnight.”
“After midnight my darling.” He holds her close for one more moment and then he returns to the arbor and she to her bedroom.

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