Monday, January 7, 2008

They have no words for such things - jan 7

Once when no one was looking a butterfly peeked through the window. She saw rows of beautifully bound books. She saw the yellow chenille throw at the end of the couch. She saw the roses in the cut glass vase on the dining room table.
She flew off to tell her friends but she had no words to describe what she had seen. Outside of my little flat there are flowers and trees, birds and bugs but how can you describe a yellow chenille throw to a mockingbird? What does a squirrel know of a cut glass vase?
She thought and she thought and then decided to use the words she knew. She shared with the chipmunk about the rainbows that ran along the walls in variations of all different colors in all different directions. She told the rabbit about a bed of starlight inside a darkened place. She flew to the edge of the pond and told the swan about the roses growing in an ice stalk that shimmered and sparkled in the sunlight.
The following afternoon the butterfly came back and peeked through the window to see what she could see. The next day she used the words she knew to describe what she had seen. This went on for almost a week. There was great excitement throughout the garden as the animals heard of the of rainbows, starlight, shimmering ice stalks and so many other things.
Today the little butterfly came but she went away sad. Outside in the garden there are many beautiful things. But today when no one was looking and the little butterfly peeked through the window she saw love reflected in your eyes, she heard the sighs after we kissed, and the gentleness of our embrace. Butterflies can’t share the secrets of love.

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