Saturday, December 29, 2007

drowning light

The sun has set into the ocean and already the night has begun to intrude upon the light. In the eastern parts of the sky the lavender clouds are turning to a dark slate grey. Across the sky and the water bright streaks of yellow and orange remain but they are beginning to fade.
I must let go. I know I must or I will certainly drown but I can not. I hold you, my arms outstretched and desperate even though the brightness is descending deeper.
The oranges and yellows have turned to crimson and night is spreading further across the sky. The blues have deepened and softened and as if to mock me, Venus has appeared just above the horizon.
Still I hold on. Barely keeping my face out of the water, my fingers beginning to slip, I begin to recite all the reasons why I should let go – why I must let go. I can taste the salty water and am not certain whether I am drinking the ocean or my tears.
Across the sky now a deepened blue, stars begin to appear one by one and a harvest moon begins to rise casting its glow upon the water. “Let go,’ it calls to me. ‘Let go and live.”
But I cannot hear, my ears are filled with water. Then I see your face. As you look towards me, I know that I would rather drown trying to hold onto you. I must have your love to live. Knowing that it draws me deeper into waters that will eventually drown me, yet I chose to drown rather then live in what would only be darkness to my heart.
I begin to breathe in water. I am now completely submerged. Across the black surface of the water there is a faint breeze and what others would see as light from the stars and the moon but we know it is the light of our love shimmering up to dance on the surface of the water.

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