Saturday, November 24, 2007

messages - submission nov 24

Claire let out a high pitched yelp as Kenny grabbed her wrist and yanked her down into the chair.
“Stupid wench you have a tail. What’s wrong with you? You led him right to me!”
Claire looked up the street. There was the detective looking into a bookshop window.
“I …”
“Shut up!” Kenny growled at her. His hand still held her wrist and he had continued to apply pressure. Her eyes began to tear.
“Kenny, please, you’re hurting me.” She whimpered.
“You should have been more careful. Who is he?” Anger flashed in his eyes but he released her.
“I… I … don’t know. He was in the store but I thought he was watching another woman there.”
“Brainless fool! I don’t know why I keep you around.” He glared at her. “Okay, look, I’m going out back. Do not, do not follow me and for God sakes don’t go home tonight. Make sure you lose him. Make sure you lose him good before I see you again, you hear!” He leaned towards her looking affectionate to anyone who might be paying attention, but he had placed his hand on her thigh and was digging his nails into her soft flesh.
She nodded because she could not speak through the pain. He was up and gone before her eyes stopped tearing. She wished she was stronger and could be through with him. She hated him at times but she knew it was her fault. If she hadn’t been so stupid he wouldn’t get so angry. Lost in thought she hadn’t noticed anyone near until the detective sat down. She looked up startled as he signaled the waitress.
“Hello Claire,” he said.
“Do I… do I know you?” she asked.
“Not yet,” he replied. “But I’ve come to rescue you.”

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Clare said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked my message. I used to sub-edit wedding reports when I wrote for the local paper, and I always wondered about the stories behind them.