Sunday, November 18, 2007

messages - submission nov 18

Food, good food, is made with more than just ingredients. It’s made with emotion, care and attention. Like a love song or sonnet it tells a story. Let me give you an example. A really good spicy chili sauce can only be made with just the right touch of anger and passion in the cook. If there isn’t a little bit of anger it just won’t have the right piquant and with not enough passion, well it might be hot but the flavor will be lacking.
Keeping this in mind I began to cook a meal that hopefully will be remembered and shared every time we tell “our story.” The meal that I had waited my whole life to prepare.
For the appetizer, something with a bit of spice and flavor to whet his appetite. Little bites of something delicious that leave him still hungry for more. Of course, I’ll make shrimp kisses – shrimp, bacon and cheese – mmmm – but of course not too many. It would not fit into my plan if he were satisfied so soon.
The salad will be crisp, icy cold butter lettuce with a colorful blend of cut up peppers and sweet grape tomatoes. Something pleasing to the eye and refreshing to his palate. Again the need to leave him longing for more. Looking forward to what’s to come.
For the main course, I think teriyaki skewers. There’s that exotic flavor, hints of island escapes and having him barbecue them for me will make him see that he’s needed. A light rice side dish and fresh string beans.
Dessert …. Home made apple pie with home made vanilla ice cream … a little comfort food, a little something that lingers on the tongue, a little flavor to savor, homey and comfortable that says “I love you.”

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